Katadyn Basecamp Pro 10 Litre Tactical
Katadyn Basecamp Pro 10 Litre Tactical
Katadyn Basecamp Pro 10 Litre Tactical

Katadyn Basecamp Pro 10 Litre Tactical

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The Katadyn Tactical Camp foldable system is a step up from its little brother, the Gravity Camp, with 4 more liters of capacity. But you get the same ease of filtering water for a group: Hang, fill, start dinner and, before you know it, a flow rate of up to 2 liters per minute (thanks to the Ultra Flow FilterTM) has filled the bag with reliably safe, clean water. Maintain the easy-to-clean filter protector to treat up to 1,500 liters of water sans pumping. Like the Gravity Camp 6L, add on the shower adapter (sold separately) for the truly luxe outdoor shower experience.

  • Tactical gravity filter with highest performance
  • Can be easily hung on any branch and carried
  • Technology: gravity filter; 0.2 micron (0.0002 mm), AntiClog Ultra Flow Filter pleated glassfiber
  • Effect: removes bacteria, cysts, and sediments
  • Compact foldable design
  • Suited for larger groups
  • Faster flow and reliability in all conditions
  • Cleanable filter protector
  • Water level indicator window
  • Removable outlet hose with quick-release auto shut off valve
  • Capacity: 1500 litres (depending on the water quality)
  • Output: 2 litres per minute
  • Suitable for turbid conditions
  • Ideal for families, camps, expeditions, tour operators, scouts or armies
  • Kit includes: 10L water bag, Ultra Flow Filter element, 120cm hose with quick connects, cleaning sponge, manual and carry bag
  • Material: Silicone, Glassfibre, Plastics
  • Dimensions: 10.53"x2.73"x5.85" (26.7x6.9x14.9cm)
  • Weight: 650g
  • Manufacturer's number: 8020427