Silva Trail Runner Free H 400 Lumen Headtorch
Silva Trail Runner Free H 400 Lumen Headtorch
Silva Trail Runner Free H 400 Lumen Headtorch
Silva Trail Runner Free H 400 Lumen Headtorch

Silva Trail Runner Free H 400 Lumen Headtorch

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Trail Runner Free H is a comfortable and lightweight headlamp for everyone who loves running.
Its features and light beam are optimized for a runner’s needs.
Free H comes with a rechargeable Hybrid battery (1.15 Ah) and the Hybrid battery case.
On this fifth generation of our original running headlamp, we present a new kind of technology where the power cord is integrated into the headband.
We call it Free Technology – a comfortable headlamp experience without distracting cords or tangled wires. No hassle – Just free the energy.
Hybrid battery case included. The Hybrid battery case can carry either the included Silva rechargeable Hybrid battery pack or 3 x AAA batteries.
This means that you have can use AAA batteries as a backup if you run out of power in the rechargeable one.
The case has grip friendly surfaces and holds an integrated red rear safety light – adding extra visibility.
Hybrid battery included. Trail Runner Free H comes with the rechargeable 1.15 Ah Hybrid battery pack – designed to use with the Hybrid battery case.
This compact battery is the perfect choice if you want to go really lightweight.
The battery has integrated battery indication and can be charged anywhere, using the included USB cable.

  • HYBRID BATTERY (1.15AH): USB-rechargeable hybrid battery (1.15Ah) - designed to use in combination with the Hybrid battery case.
  • FREE TECHNOLOGY: Integrated cords in the headband. No distractions. No hassle.
  • HYBRID BATTERY CASE: A versatile battery case for either AAA batteries or Hybrid battery pack. Holds an integrated red rear safety light.
  • PURE COMFORT: Lightweight and perfectly balanced with smooth adjustments and a flat, soft textile extension cord that does not tangle.
  • SILVA INTELLIGENT LIGHT®: A unique combination of long reach spot light and a close flood light - giving you a clear view of both near and far obstacles.
  • Weight (incl. batteries): 108g

    Customer Reviews

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    Brian Young
    Not received yet.

    I find it odd that you are asking me to give a positive review for the item ordered from you before I have even received it.!

    Andy B.
    Great Customer Service

    There was a problem with the first headtorch. I reported this in the evening, received a reply later than evening and the following morning the manufacturer had been contacted and a replacement was organised. So very impressed with how quickly this was dealt with. The replacement headtorch has worked fine and is a great piece of kit for off road running in the dark.