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Sea To Summit Drylite Travel Towel - Medium Cobalt
The DryLite towel is exactly what you want in a travel towel- not only soft and thirsty, but compact and quick drying as well
Sea To Summit X Bowl - Orange
Introducing an innovative item for your next meal outdoors: Sea to Summit's X-Bowl is a collapsible eating bowl comprised of a rigid, cut-resistant base made of high temperature, food-grade nylon and walls made of food-grade flexible silicone, so it folds flat for compact packing.
Sea To Summit X Cup - Orange
This cup is sturdy and easy to drink out of, yet can be collapsed to a disk that will fit in the palm of your hand. Calibrated measurements on the inside make it a useful cooking tool as well.
Sea To Summit X Mug - Orange
Enjoy your favorite campsite beverages while saving room in your pack with the collapsible X-Mug. Flexible, food-grade silicone walls collapse, slimming the mug down to a slender 0.5 in. thick and minimizing the space it takes up in a pack.