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First inspection: compared to terra nova laser

The fly sheet material is more thin and scrunchy than the laser’s, as I expected if course since you could buy 2 of these for the price of one laser. The frame of the helium creates a bit more height, making sitting up in more comfortable. The colour of the inner tent is a very attractive russet. I find it a very warm and uncramped space to be in, with the reservation that it has one zip that opens only to the one diagonal, so immediately feels more enclosed than the laser with its two zips to allow access by both flaps of the one side. I will have to give more consideration to the direction of pitching if there’s wind and rain and i want to cook in the shelter of the foyer. The foyer is not as deep as the laser’s - by not much - but I still see room there for an emptied pack, boots etc.. The ventilation system, being the small triangular end vents and a small amount of inner mesh at each end of the inner, and the top half of the door, is much less than the laser’s, which itself attracted a fair bit of condensation - so we will have to see about that. The pack size is great, and i like the footprint, which i bought as part of the bundle. Unlike my (17 yr old) laser, however, the lack of end-venting attachments and toggles inside means the outer and inner are easily separated for erection or packing, and i can imagine sometimes doing without the inner and just sleeping on the footprint.
The way the inner ‘snaps’ onto the plastic hooky bits of the outer using elastic cord feels a bit brutal on the cord. I would prefer a more robust connector, but in practice this may not be an issue at all. I cannot say how it performs in the field yet but I will be spending 4 weeks in Ireland with it this Summer, by which time I will know all its foibles and whether i will regret the saving of £300+ over a new laser or not!

1st class

Top quality kit at the best prices. Exactly what you want when heading off the beaten track.

Great headlight

Really good headlight with excellent battery life. Great value and service from Freshair junkie 😊

Great service but product not without it's flaws.

Fresh air junkie were incredibly quick sending out the item which was brilliant!

The following are my thoughts after camping in Scotland for 10 days using this bag.

* Fairly lightweight.
* Packs down relatively small.
* Good value for a down bag.
* Useful comfort rating.
* Ability to vent the legs.

* Has a strange dried blood/metallic odour which I found unpleasant.
* I woke up when it was cold despite being above the 'comfort' rating of -1
* The bag wasn't breathable enough which made me sweat.
* Feathers escaping through the fabric into my tent got very annoying.
* Adjusting the hood was a bit awkward.

In summary, I would definitely buy from fresh air junkie again, however I wouldn't really recommend this bag mostly because of the odour though I haven't tried washing it. (who would want to wash a brand new down bag!?) My feather quilt at home doesn't smell like this so why should a sleeping bag? I also think that the bag has a narrow comfort range, and that the 'comfort' value of -1 is a misrepresentation - it seems like a lower limit in practice.

As for the breathabilty, I do always find feathers a bit sweaty but this seemed much worse than I expected which I guess is because of the hydrophobic coating. I don't know if feathers escaping from a down bag is normal or not but folks I mentioned it to on the mountains seemed surprised! Expect to sweep and sweep your tent and pluck feathers out of your socks every morning.

In the end, I wished I had gone for a synthetic bag instead. My old bag was synthetic and wasn't very small or lightweight. Maybe technology is getting better in this regard, but the skeptic in me wonders if perhaps manufacturers are simply now in the business of misrepresenting the temperature ratings?

Whatever you buy, make the most of it and have a nice holiday!! (Tip: if you wake up feeling cold, put some extra layers on otherwise you'll keep waking up! Sweaty? Open the zippers some and vent the bag more.)


Amazing and light backpack

Love it. It’s extremely light. Comfortable. And I got all might smallest lightest camping gear in and did perfectly on my first hike and camp with it. Recommend

Just right

Perfect rucksack, really easy to order and received well within expected timeframe. Will definitely use them again!

Quick delivery, keen price and very light & compact

I wanted something light and small to use with my large S2S mattress. I bought the larger chair and all fits well. It's very light, yet seems able to take my weight when properly relaxed. Despite a thicker base material, I have a sit mat as insurance against anything on the ground damaging my sleep mat. You do need to air the mat down to fit - as it folds it loses volume and there's a definite sweet spot in terms of ideal air volume.

If you want compact and light, then short of £160 or whatever on the latest featherweight chair, then this is it - and half the weight and much smaller. OK a chair is higher up, but to be fair this is pretty comfortable and no mesh backing draughts on a cooler evening.

Montain Ancle Gaiters

When used with walking boots the gaiter must be put on before the boot.
Although unusual they keep stones out of the boots better than any other ankle gaiter that I have ever used.

Quality Cap

Really pleased with the cap, I have a few Extremities products and i rate them all very highly. The cap is certainly waterproof after the best trial following the recent very heavy rains. Would recommend all Extremities products. Thank you Fresh Air Junkie!

Brilliant Stove!

Great little stove.

Great service

Freshairjunkie had what I needed at the cheapest price online, plus a bundle discount on top of that. Stuff was sent quickly and very well packaged, they even put a second layer of cardboard inside the box to protect the bag! Will defo use again

Speedy delivery!

Speedy delivery for such a perfectly sized jetboil. Great for a quick meal on the go! Love it, thanks so much!


Great vest. Comfortable and the front pockets mean there's no sloshing around in the back. Arrived quickly, exactly as described. Recommended!

Good purchase


Really happy with the service from Fresh Air Junkie. I ordered on a Thursday afternoon, had a dispatch message around 15 minutes later and got it on the Monday! On top of the quick delivery it was also a lot cheaper than anywhere else, including cheaper than what some places were selling the less / non insulated models for. Mat seems good quality and comfortable

Stanage cap

Great service all riund

Petzl New Actik Core 600 Lumens LED Headtorch - Red

Very happy...quick delivery...good item

1st time i have used fresh air junkie and very happy. Product was a good price and very quick delivery. The item is to be used on a D of E expedition by a family member. They have yet to use but very happy. I will be back if I need more gear. Thank you

Excellent service and competitive price

I have yet to use this compass in earnest but initial impressions are favourable. It helped to locate an object in the landscape with good accuracy. Not sure that I will make much use of the lanyard as a measure but I suppose it is there if ever needed. Perhaps a longer baseplate similar to the Silva Expedition compassses with a larger magnifier would improve its function though that is not likely to happen.

x mug & xbowl

i bought the x mug and was so impressed to be able to use it for my next lightweight hike i bought the x bowl , my biggest regret was not buying the x set including the plate as now its going to cost me a lot more buying the x plate separately

Good night sleep

I have brought a few camping pillows and after using my new pillow from sea to summit I have had a better night sleep.

Really feels bulletproof. Can't wait to test it!

Great bag as always from Sea To Summit