Petzl NAO RL 1500 Lumens Lightweight Runners Headtorch

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Petzl NAO RL 1500 Lumens Lightweight Runners Headtorch
Petzl NAO RL 1500 Lumens Lightweight Runners Headtorch
Petzl NAO RL 1500 Lumens Lightweight Runners Headtorch
Petzl NAO RL 1500 Lumens Lightweight Runners Headtorch
Petzl NAO RL 1500 Lumens Lightweight Runners Headtorch
Petzl NAO RL 1500 Lumens Lightweight Runners Headtorch
Petzl NAO RL 1500 Lumens Lightweight Runners Headtorch

"Ergonomic, ultra-powerful and rechargeable headlamp featuring REACTIVE LIGHTING® technology. 1500 lumens
Iconic for trails and ultra-running! The NAO® RL rechargeable headlamp provides 1500 lumens of brightness and weighs just 145 grams. Comfortably balanced, the headband is easily adjustable and maintains excellent support throughout long and committing races.
With REACTIVE LIGHTING® technology, the brightness automatically adapts to the ambient light. Manual operations are reduced and burn time is optimized.
Additionally, red lighting at the rear of the headlamp allows you to remain visible at night."

Lighting for movement automatically adapts to ambient light:

- Wide, uniform beam so you can comfortably see up-close or at your feet
- Mixed beam (flood and focused) allows for proximity and distance vision for movement
- Three white lighting levels: MAX BURN TIME, STANDARD (better power/burn time balance), and MAX POWER
- Longer burn time, greater visual comfort, and less manual operation with REACTIVE LIGHTING® mode, which allows the light sensor to automatically adjust brightness and beam pattern, optimizing battery usage
- Minimum burn time of 5 hours in REACTIVE LIGHTING® mode (STANDARD level), built to power through long activities like trail running and ultra-running
- Red lighting, continuous or strobe, at the rear of the headlamp, and a separate button to quickly turn it on or off


- The battery pack is in the rear to distribute the weight of the headlamp over the entire head, making it balanced and comfortable to wear
- Thin and flexible front plate, to better adapt to different head shapes
- Quick and easy rear adjustment
- Additional top strap for optimal support
- Lithium-Ion 3200 mAh battery, rechargeable with a type C USB port
- Battery charge indicator with five-level gauge for precise monitoring of the battery charge level
- Rechargeable R1 battery can be used as a spare battery to charge other devices, such as phones or watches
- LOCK function to avoid accidentally turning on the lamp during transit or storage, or to lock lighting settings during your activity
- Reflective headband to remain visible at night
- Storage pouch allows you to turn the headlamp into a lantern in STANDARD mode, or carry an additional battery

  • Ultra-bright and lightweight: 1500 lumens for a weight of only 145 g
  • Light Output: 1500 lumens (ANSI FL 1 STANDARD)
  • Weight: 145 g
  • Beam pattern: Flood or mixed
  • Energy: 3200 mAh Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery (included)
  • Charging time: 3.5 h
  • Watertightness: IPX4 (weather-resistant)
  • Certification(s): CE

Customer Reviews

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Stuart Mark Robertson
very happy

excellent headtorch, had the previous nao models and this has a lighter front led set. This one is usb-c not usb-a like previous models

Wow. Just wow.

Ordered Thursday evening, received Tuesday.

Not bad for free (3-5 day) delivery.

Battery partially charged, but was too excited to test it out so went for a quick 5k.

Thought I’d struggle with the reactive light mode, but it’s so intuitive and easy to get the hang of.

Very bright at full beam; perfect for night time trail running with the dog!

Great price. Not surprised it’s already sold out.


First run tonight, great head torch, bright, lite and Comfortable
Swift delivery and good price thank you.

Michael sinclair-williams
Great service

Could t believe how quickly it arrived - great product as well.

Andy Mellor
Good price and service

I'd read plenty of reviews and decided on the product I wanted - the price from Freshair Junkie was the best I could find on the web.
Delivered very promptly and well wrapped (my only slight gripe is that on the website it 'recommended' a bundle that included a carry case, so I selected that too, and the headtorch comes with one in the box, so now I just have a spare that I don't really need. Hey ho, it was only a few quid - but if you're buying this particular headtorch, there's no need to add on the carry case unless you want a spare.
Very happy with the head torch - does all I expected - nice and bright, and the adaptive light is very responsive. Battery life so far seems excellent (an improvement on my previous Silva). If you have it on the brightest mode in steady mode (ie, not adaptive) it's exceptionally bright. The rear light is nice and bright - again an improvement on my previous headtorch which didn't have a rear light. Simple to use - one button on the front to press between low, medium and full blast; or just hold it a couple of seconds to toggle between adaptive and steady mode. The back light comes on and turns off automatically with the front button, but also has a separate button to toggle between flashing and steady.
Certainly met my expectations - would recommend the product and the seller.