Vango Folding Camping Backpacking Lightweight Gas Stove

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Vango Folding Camping Backpacking Lightweight Gas Stove
Vango Folding Camping Backpacking Lightweight Gas Stove
The Vango Folding Gas Stove is perfect for extended trips and cooking with larger pots. Its wide flame allows for quick and even cooking, guaranteeing a mouth-watering, hot meal at the end of a tiring day of trekking. For added safety, it also includes a flexible fireproof gas pipe and can boil 1L of water in just 5 minutes - making it an essential for any trek or camping adventure.

  • Power 2600W
  • Boils 1L of water in 5 minutes
  • Foldable to compact size - Easy storage and transport
  • Ideal for large pots - Very stable and close to ground
  • Storage box
  • Gas canisters - Screw on butane propane mix
  • Approximate burn times: 110g - 35mins, 230g - 75mins, 450g - 145mins
  • Pack Size L9.5 x H10.5 x W6.0cm
  • Weight 0.22kg

Customer Reviews

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Tim Kay
Pretty good!

I upgraded (side-graded possibly) from a Coleman's sportster petrol stove to this for hiking. The Coleman was bought for motorbike holidays where there's a ready supply of fuel but it's relatively heavy and bulky for lightweight camping.
The Vango stove is lightweight, cooks quickly and folds up beautifully small in its little box. It also uses the ubiquitous **** top gas cartridge so you can re-supply at any small sports/outdoor store (and many petrol stations) as needed. I bought the small Coleman 200g cannister from Halfords for £4.50 and it lasted me a week of breakfast coffees and evening ready meals without seeming to use much (around half) gas.
The fold-out feet and top pot rests keep everything very stable and it feels really nicely made, with a lovely solid feel to the actual burner. A mate travelling with me had a Jetboil - 5 times the price and less stable with only seconds difference in the boil times and more difficulty lighting I think I got the better deal.
Didn't bother with the piezo version (just another thing to go wrong) and didn't need the wind guard (use the terrain and your backpack) so can't comment on either of those extras but would recommend generally and especially for the price.


Great price and really quick delivery. Would recommend.

David Dowie

Great wee stove, very stable. Only gripe is the cable could be slightly longer.

mrs Sarah Graham
Vango Folding Camping Backpacking Lightweight Gas Stove

Sent super speedily and product is as described, will use you again!